Trelew, Argentina to Bahia Blanca, Argentina

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After a tough day of riding the wind – we slept well in yet another moderately crappy hotel (MCH).

Today may have been one of the most boring days of the entire trip. Flat, straight, good asphalt roads with virtually no scenery. No trees to speak of, no ocean, not much of anything. The best part of the day was the noticable warming in the weather. Yesterday we were fighting the wind but the wind was warm. We are in full mesh gear (and happy about that!) and it’s getting warmer. Definitely in the 70’s and sunny.

Hard to blog about stuff that didn’t happen – all the bikes ran fine and we blasted our way up to Bahia Blanca with only the usual gas stops, mate stops, and nary a bike problem to deal with.

We had some trouble finding a hotel in Bahia Blanca – its a medium sized town and we arrived there a bit late and of course its Easter weekend. After 3 or 4 tries we ended up in one that was pretty decent with secure parking down the street.

We headed out into the night in search of Parrilla (grilled meat) – found a place that hand been around for about 80 years. We ordered their specialty which turned out to be a steak with some mushroom sauce on it. John didn’t want the sauce and the food was pretty darn tasty. Not quite the steak we had in Ushuaia but it was damn good.

We’re about a days ride from Buenos Aires – kind of a bittersweet thing at this point. We’re tired of grinding out the last 2 or 3 weeks – riding every day for long distances – but we also know the trip is coming to a close.

Cheers !

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