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Hey Everyone –

Well – I finally managed to get the blogs updated into Buenos Aires. There are 3 or 4 of them here with a few good tidbits to read about.

I’m going to work on finishing the blogs thru our time in Buenos Aires – several of you have sent emails about whether we made it home, what’s happened with this or that – so I’d like to tie up the loose ends. Thanks again for your patience.

A short update on Pete – Hopefully you all remember Pete – we met him in La Paz and bumped into him again down in Southern Chile.

Well – Pete crashed his bike on the return trip north to Buenos Aires. In the same area where we hit the huge winds. I’ve received a few updates from him but the news is fairly sparse. He got a little banged up but is physically ok. His bike was pretty well totalled I guess. There was some debate whether he should repair it and ship it home or just leave/sell it in Argentina.

Argentina (as with most countries) don’t want you leaving vehicles in the country. It’s basically to avoid having people import vehicles without paying all the proper fees (and bribes I suppose). When you enter the country they record your passport number, vehicle details and so forth. Then if you try to leave without your bike – they say “Where is your moto?”.

So Pete has/had a bit of a problem. He had some folks who wanted to buy the bike from him but he couldn’t sell it because then he would be leaving it there illegally. Although the people in Argentina probably don’t care – the bike would also not be legal for them to ride/license. He was told that he could “give” it to Argentina (which would ultimatley end up being to the customs agent I suppose) – but this didn’t look good either. On top of this, Pete was in some town about 500 miles away from Buenos Aires.

The last email I received from Pete indicated that he was going to truck the bike up to Buenos Aires and contact Sandra at Dakar Motos to see if he could figure out some solution to the problem.

At any rate, I hope Pete is home by now – but when I hear something I will post it here as well.

Thanks for reading –


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Dan and John,

Thanks for the great stories. I'm glad to hear you made it back in one piece. I live in Portland and have been following your entire trip every day from reading the story in the Oregonian. What an awesome trip. Your mechanic and inginuity skills amaze me. Thanks for the good times. Great job!

Mike Irving

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