Canuelas, Argentina to Buenos Aires, Argentina

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We had yet another crappy breakfast (YACB) and hit the bikes. We were excited to get into Buenos Aires but wary of navigating the place without a real map or GPS maps.

Last night we got the GPS coordinates of the hostel we were going to stay at – Dakar Motos – they have the GPS directions on thier site which is nice. Hopefully they are correct!

We set off and the run into BA was short – maybe 15 miles on the motorway before we started hitting the beginning of the sprawl. And of course, the toll booths…

Img_1881ok, here is another gripe about Argentina (yes, pretty minor – before you email me!!! I love this place and I realize this is a very minor issue!!!) – they require motorcycles to pay tolls. Of course you say “that sounds fair, why should they go for free?”. Most of the other countries in South America let motos go toll free – in fact they have little express lanes to let the motos skirt the toll booths and fly on thru. Why? – because the motos cause traffic jams at the toll booths. When the biker pulls up there, he has to stop the bike, take his gloves off, dig for some money, hand it to the attendent, wait for changes, put the change away, take a ticket, do something with the ticket, put his gloves back on, then ride off. That takes time and the people behind are honking and not happy…

There must have been 10 toll booths on the way into BA – each collecting the equivalent of 20 cents per bike – hardly seemed worth the hassle.





We rode right into downtown – got onto the Avenida 9 de Julio (Independence day in Argentina) – down the big 9 lanes (in each direction!) street – past the Obelisk – back onto some other semi-highways and weaved our way up north towards Dakar Motos. We had to circle back once after we passed an exit but otherwise we arrived at the hostel without so much as a wrong turn or an argument.



Javier greated us and we got off the bikes to rest and take it easy.

We spent the afternoon setting up our tents in the backyard, talking to some of the other travelers there and getting things organized to go home.

Had a nice Parrilla with the other travelers that night and hit the sack realatively early.

We made it to Buenos Aires – in one piece and without any real lasting damage! Tomorrow we start working on getting the bikes shipped back home!


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