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Hey Everyone –

We’re back in the states now – along with the bikes. Sorry we’ve been swamped and haven’t kept up with the blogs.

I’m going to try to push the final 4 or so out in the next couple days – and a couple follow ups as well.

Thanks for your patience and for reading!


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OOPs, we had an unfortunate encounter. This is an email I received from Pete on 4/25.

This last Sunday (4/19) about 80 Ks north of Comodoro Rivadavia, on my way to Buanos Aires to get the moto shipped & fly back, I crashed after drifting off the roads edge due to wind gust or moment of inattention or what ever. It just had to be one of those places where the edge of the pavement was not even with the gravel shoulder. There was a rut that caught the front tire & tossed me & the moto on our right side. I was doing about 90 Ks/hora. I slid & rolled along for a good distance. The moto must of done some good flips & rolls because it is pretty tore up. It landed out ahead of me about 20 feet. I ended up sitting up on my butt. I knew I did some damage to myself, but was able to get up & hobble around. Almost immediately truck drivers were stopping & also autos. Everybody was very helpful gathering up all my stuff that was scattered around due to the cases breaking open (one side case had the cover tore off, the other had the locks & latches broke loose & the back box were tore right off). The handle bars were broke off on the right side, windshield broke off, instrument panel smashed & maybe the front forks bent. There is also a lot of oil on the engine, maybe a cracked or punctured case, but then again maybe it is out of the breather. One of the truck drivers loaded the bike on to his truck next to some construction equipment, another driver had me get in his big rig & they drove me & the bike back to Comodoro Rivadavia & deposited the bike & the bag of stuff at a police barracks. The Police called an ambulance & they brought me to a hospital. The people of Argentina are really great. Everybody went out of there way to help me. The driver of the truck I was in even stayed with me until they loaded me into the ambulance & strapped me down. He then patted me on the shoulder, wished me luck & kissed me on the forehead like I was his father! No broken bones just a bunch of strains & sprains. There isn´t a joint on me that doesn´t hurt. The big ones are the right ankle & wrist & the left hip. They had me stay in the hospital one day for observation. I got out Monday afternoon. I will now work on what needs to be done with the moto. It would probable cost a lot to repair & with the cost of shipping would make it not worth it. What I would like to do is have the police &/or a moto shop write it off as a total loss & hope that would satisfy Argentinian customs. I would then load my stuff into boxes or large suitcase & fly back to Las Cruces. I´ll see what I can get done. I´m not getting around real fast, my right ankle & wrist are still pretty swollen. I haven´t called my wife yet, want to wait till I know what I´m going to do. I´ll keep you updated. Pete the viejo loco.

Update: I had talked to Argentine Customs about not shipping the moto back & leaving it here. Wednesday the owner of the Hostel I am at took me to the police station that had the moto so we could bring it back to the hostel. While at the police station one of the policemen said he wanted to buy my wrecked moto as is. We made a deal & I thought my problems were over & I could fly back to Las Cruces, but I´m not that lucky. That afternoon I was told that the Aduana (customs) called the wife of the owner & co-owner of hostel (they know everybody in town) & told them that if I sold the moto to the policeman I would be breaking import laws like a smuggler & could be arrested. I don´t know how the customs people found out that I was going to sell the moto. I told the hostel owners I don´t look good in stripes so I didn´t sell the moto. I did talk to the customs again & they said there are 3 options, 1. Ship it as is, 2. Repair it then ship it or 3. Abandon it to the Argentina & they will release me from having to remove the moto from Argentina. I have chosen to abandon it to Argentina & maybe Monday they will sign off on the paperwork & I can head back. The people at the Hostel have been very nice & helpful driving me around, getting info, etc. They even hooked me up with the Tourism Bureau & they got me a young guy who acted as my interpreter! They probable also saved my ass concerning the Argentine Customs. The trip is not ending on a total up note, but I guess that is part of the adventure. I´m still having fun though, the girls that work at the hostel have me drinking Maté (a tea you drink through a metel straw) & they try to teach me Spanish. I have also learned to like using a Bedet to squirt my butt! It is good when the water is warm, but the cold water really wakes you up! Anyway maybe I will be back soon. Pete

UPDATE 4/26/2009
Thanks for the best wishes. I talked to Palmeria this afternoon from a Movie Star Telifonica Cabana store (can make local & long distant calls for about 1/2 Peso/minute, about $0.16 US/minute). I told her I crashed & the problems getting things done about the moto. With luck I should be back by the middle to end of the week. It would be OK to put my email on the Motobrothers Site. Right now I am going to try to pack what I can in the suitcase with wheels I bought the other day. By the way how is Nancy doing?


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