Rio Grande, Argentina to Rio Gallagos, Argentina

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We got up early and made a nice breakfast. Last time in this town we spent an hour walking around trying to find breakfast. So this time we were prepared. It seems in Argentina they don’t eat breakfast.

Anyway we hit the road by 8 as we knew we had 80 miles of crappy gravel/potholes/washboard. As well as 2 borders to cross. Its kinda a joke in that you have to check out of Argentina then check into Chile to ride a couple of hundred miles. Only to check out of Chile and check back into Argentina. All the passport stamps and bike paperwork has to be done each time. So in the last 4 days we checked in and out of Argentina twice and in and out of Chile twice! Each time it takes at an hour or more depending on how many buses full of tourist are there…

The 80 miles of gravel was allot better this time as the sun was shining. The road had dried out some and we could hold a pretty good pace of about 40 or so.  2 hours later we got to the pavement. Wes can go allot faster on the gravel with his Kawasaki KLR so he took off when we first got onto it. We expected to see him at the pavement but he was not there… We decided he must have rode on to the ferry landing about 50 miles more. So we took off for the ferry landing. The wind was whipping and we were riding at about a 45 degree angle…. It was intense at times.  When we got to the ferry Wes was nowhere to be found. We discussed it and decided maybe he went into the town that was near the end of the gravel section… Unsure of where he was and worried he might think we broke down on the gravel, only to head back for us… We decided one of us would ride back to meet/find him.  Dan headed back into the narley wind to ride the 50 miles back. Only to find no Wes and the gas station closed for lunch…. With not enough fuel to make it back he had to wait for the station to open. I sat at the ferry landing sipping tea wondering where everybody was. Dan returned after about an hour and 45 minutes with no Wes.

IMG_1797We decided Wes must have got on the ferry and is waiting on the other side. So we rode the ferry over and here we find Wes having lunch with our old friend Pete we told you about in earlier blogs. Dan and I were kind of pissed off about wasting a couple of hours looking for Wes. It was a good thing Pete was there or we might of strung up Wes. In the end we all made up and had a laugh about it.





IMG_1806We had some tea and listened to Pete’s stories of his journey since we last saw him. He was still heading south and with only a few days to Ushuaia, it looks as though he’s going to complete his quest as well.

Good on ya Pete!! “Keep givin’ it the berries” 



We ripped the next couple of hours into Rio Gallagos without any troubles. When we got to town, we decided to stop by SMMotos as my bike needed rear brake pads and Wes’s bike needs a rear tire. This is the shop that made Dans clutch rod part so we wanted to spend some more money there. Wes found a tire but I struck out on the pads. We went out for another Parrilla for dinner. This one was not quite as good as the last but was an all you could eat. We grubbed and grubbed. We would just go to the guy running the grill and point. Like cave men. “ughh meat, ughh chicken, ugh meat ugh ugh” 

We then Wallowed our way back to the hotel and called a night

Tomorrow we ride north!


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You guy's are awesome and forgiving, Seems that nothing will stand in your way. Glad to see you met up with Pete once again. Should I be buying stock in SMMotos ?.

Travel safe

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