Rio Grande, Argentina to Ushaia, Argentina!!!

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After all of the heavy rain yesterday we feared the worst for our run to Ushaia. But when we stepped out the door of the hostel we were greeted with partly cloudy skies as well as partly sunny skies!! We only had about 130 miles to go to the end of  the road….. The road was smooth and the wind was light. Spirits were high as we clicked off the final miles south. As we got closer and closer to Ushaia we were rewarded with some of the most spectacular scenery we have seen on the entire trip.. Amazing snow capped mountains with fall colors on all all of the trees. Glassy lakes reflecting the mountain peaks.

15,000 plus miles and we reached the farthest point you can ride south in the world!

I’m going to let the pictures do the talking….



















































Thanks everyone for riding along with us and for some of the great email's and comments we’ve received. Of course the journey is not over yet. We still have to ride 2000 miles north to Buenos Aires. Figure out how to get the bikes home and all that sort of thing. So we’ll keep the blogs coming and I’m sure some kind of party will be in order when we get home.

Tomorrow we ride NORTH!

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Dan & John-

What you have done is truly amazing. I frequently end my day getting a good chuckle out of your experiences. Congratulations on an incredible lifetime achievement.

Fred Green

After several attempts of trying to remember username & login.. I'm in! Yahooo, success... although nothing to what you guys are feeling right now! What an amazing & AWE-some accomplishment. Happy riding and Happy Easter ;-) x

little bit of love there brothers... fingers. snaps xox

congratulations guys! it was fun to follow the amazing journey. will keep an eye out for the northbound blogs!

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