Rio Gallagos, Argentina to Tres Cerros, Argentina

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IMG_1680We headed north on Ruta 3. Not much to say about today. The road was fast and straight. Down in the southern part of Argentina they’re really is not much to see. Its flat and boring. You can ride for a 100 miles without a turn… I rode at least 20 miles at one point with my hands off ther bars. Making small direction changes by shifting my weight. I know riding without you hands on the bars is not a good idea. But, you have do do something to keep yourself entertained! With the main part of the trip over we are getting restless to get home.






The highlight of the day came when we got to the spot that Dan’s chain came off and we had to do the big repair. We stopped to high five, laugh about it and take a few photo’s. Other than that we rode straight and fast. Eating up over 500 miles. We stayed at a YPF gas station with a hotel attached. It was a bit of a dump, but compared to some of the dumps in the past it was a ritz. Wes loved it! We ate crappy gas station snacks and junk food. Watched a bad movie and went to sleep.

Tomorrow we ride north. (I liked riding south better)


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I just read about the meat feast in Argentina. While you were gone the whole state has now been declared by Sam Adams to be vegan and we all have to ride public transit. You thought the borders were tough there. Now when you hit Oregon from CA you have the either detour through Idaho to WA or pay a special Oregon "Coyote" (like a human smuggler) to secretly move your bikes through the state. We have hidden all of our bikes at John's place in Battleground so parking will be a little tight when you finally get home. Good thing for you is that we all left the keys so you won't have to ride those worn out POS buzukis you started with, just pick any bike and ride like it was stolen. I am considering moving to Amboy to hide out with the survivalists and meth heads so I can ride again. Hopefully the peoples army will regain control of the new state capitol of Portland and things will be fine when you get back.


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