Bariloche, Argentina to Sarmiento, Argentina

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We rolled out of Bariloche in some cold and rain – riding up into the lake district towards Chile. The road bent to the south and we rode through some fantastically rugged country with gorgeous lakes and snow capped peaks all around. It looked a lot like the North Cascades Highway in northern Washington. I was raining too, Just like Washington.

About 100 miles out of Bariloche – the road dropped down onto the planes of Patagonia and got very boring. The winds were gusty and coming from just about any direction – for some reason they would be blasting you from the right side for 20 minutes and then the road would turn to the left and just when you thought the wind would be at your back, it would somehow be blasting you from the left.

We really did’nt take any pictures today as the scene is just like all the other desert scenes we’ve been through.

We wound the speed up and just pushed our way thru the weird winds for several hundred miles of nothing-ness.

The town of Sarmiento was a welcome sight and we got there about dusk – found a nice little hotel in the middle of town.

We walked all over town looking for a place to eat – some places were closed for some reason and we tried one pizza place but it was just weird inside. The guy running the place had a greasy shirt on and there was a “customer” sitting at a table – just sitting there, no food and no drinks. Now, this didn’t really seem odd till you realized he looked just like the creepy guy from the movie “No Country For Old Men” – the three of us quickly agreed that we would like to eat elsewhere and left. After finding the other pizza joint in town we sat at a table – the only customers in the place. The guy comes over and we ask for menus – “no menus, we have pizza, hamburgers and stuff” – we went thru the questions about the pizzas – “how big are they?” – “do you have ???” – etc… eventually ordered a couple of pizzas, some beer, and some water. The pizzas came and they were forgettable… we ate them and had more beer – eventually we asked for the check and the guy just says “120” – no check, just that’s the bill…. you’d think he had a fancy place or something – he was probably on the take and didn’t want the gringos to see the menu/prices…

Back in the room, we cranked the heater up and hit the sack.


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looks like you guys could make it to Ushuaia today if the satellite shots of road 3 are for real. anyone else pick the 6th?
congratulations! what an incredible experience.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Now I guess you will head north - can't wait to hear more stories - miss you Dano and you too John - keep being safe.

DC/JC: Good on 'ya for running out of land to ride south on!

Carmen: I sorta miss Dano too (but not in the same way!)
Do you really miss John? I didn't think anybody did!

Safe trip back you two! You gonna get over into Chile now?

"Tomorrow we head.... North" :) Glad to see you both made it! Congratulations!

I am a close friend of Pete Chester from Las Cruses, NM. whom you met just outside of Juliaca. Pete had mentioned your site and I have been following your adventure since. What a great experience and adventure. The pictures posted show some beautiful country. Even with the road and bike issues you both seem to have a positive outlook and keep moving on. Congratulations on your arrival in Ushaia.

Pete drops me an email occasionally and sometimes I get a call from his wife when she hears from him. As I understand it He is about 500 miles from Ushaia, another 2 days.

May God be with you and be safe.

hey we are sooooooooooo thrilled that u guys are heading north, u both should be soooooooooooo proud-i know that dad and i sure are. we are boring all our friends, with the blog,they love it.
travel safe my sons, i love u both ,mom

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