Somitillo to Granada

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IMG_0589We rolled out of bed early and got out of Somitillo. The road was much the same as yesterday for the first 30 clicks. Gravel, Pot holes and nothing but shite. Some of the pot holes were so big the gps registerd elevation changes and there were families selling stuff at the bottom. After traveling about 100 clicks we stopped for fuel and the gas station attendents were super cool. We had them sign the bikes and they tipped us to the cops across the street where we were headed. They machined gunned a bunch of spanish at us, waving and tellling us to exit the station over there. We were pretty sure they were telling us something more, but all we got was “timmy fell in the well again” and we should ride out over there.



After we rode out and stopped at the “T” we made a left toward the cops and bingo! they waved us over to the shoulder. After much gestering and us saying how little spanish we knew. Him saying how little english he knew, we figured out he was informing us we had improperly made a turn into the wrong lane. Dan then made a diagram to show how we made a correct turn before his “partners” waved us into the other lane. After much debate he grew tired and gave us our documents back and waved us on. We laughed and talked on the intercom about how they got nothing from us and we punked them…


P1000613The road improved for awhile and then got even worse. It took quite some time to go even 30 miles. When the road began  to improve and we started picking up the pace. We came to a hill and there was a super slow tractor crawling up it. John went to pass and dan followed. After cresting the hill bingo, More Cops…. They waved us over and we thought, $hit! were gonna pay this time. After some more gestering and trying to understand each other. Even if you know good spanish I think the way to work the cops is to just plain act dumb. They were pretty cool though and informed us we had passed in a no passing zone. They loved our bikes and we checked theirs out as well. It is a 125cc! If you don’t know bikes thats just barely bigger than a moped. This thing was shagged and they both ride on it together. They then asked for anything to drink as they were standing in the hot sun. We had nothing, but informed them that we would be happy to cruise back a bit into a town we had just past and get them a coke. They seemed surprised when we came back with sodas for them. We shook hands and headed on our way with some “cop karma”. After our two cop deals we had a chat about being more careful. You see since we got into Mexico we have seen really NOBODY obeying any traffic laws. As well as no cops really caring.  People would even pass cops at warp speed, Rip though towns and generally drive ayway they wanted. So in Nicaragua we started behaving ourselves again.











IMG_0594We found our way into Granada and started looking for a hotel. We stopped by the bank and this really cool dude from CA comes up and starts chatting us up. Well he’s a travel guide in the area and tips us to a hotel down the street. “The Oasis” We get there and its a little door in a wall. Looking kinda scummy. After going inside though its super cool with a garden, pool and just a good feeling about the place. It was a tight fit getting the bikes in, We had to remove the side bags and then cross this iron bridge thingy that was bending under Dans weight….We chilled out, walked around Granada an old colonial city right on a huge lake. The lake had a bit of a smell and funny color to it though.

Did someone say rain? not hardly – the streak continues….


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