La Iguana to Antigua

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IMG_0529After a great breakfast at La Iguana we walked up the steep hill into Santa Cruz. Checked out the old church witch had some really cool wood carved statues.

IMG_0485We then caught a very rough boat ride pack to Panajachel. The wind has been blowing like crazy since we got to Pana and today was no different. The boat hull was cracked right where we were sitting. You could see it moving up  and down every time it smashed into the next wave. I can’t imagine why, The boats where only about a zillion years old and being piloted by a 13 year old kid at warp speed. We got the bikes and headed out of Pana towards Antigua. the road we took was very small and IMG_0541bumpy. It was scenic though and we enjoyed being on the bikes again after a wonderful stay  on Lake Atitca. Once we got to Antigua however the mood quickly changed. The city is a maze of one way streets and dead ends. With seemingly endless “church squares”. We had a tip on a place to stay from the people at Iguana and they said it was “right near the town square” We spent about 2.5 hours riding to Antigua and about 1.5 hours riding around looking for THE town square. After many stops to ask directions, (a seemingly futile effort when they machine gun a bunch of Spanish at you) Timmy fell into the well again???? We would then head off to ride around some more. We then saw a beacon of light. The MOTO Cafe. We stopped in for a beer and had a chat with a cool British dude who owned it. He gave us some Ideas and we rode around more looking for a room. We did find one but not till after we both got frustrated. we check in and talked them into moving some furniture so we could put the bikes inside. We went out for a nice steak dinner and a few drinks.

Tomorrow we make tracks and start logging some miles again. Cheers!


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