Acapulco to Jantiago Jamitepec

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P1000475We got another late start out of Acapulco pretty much because we’re lazy. It was already very hot and humid. We took a few wrong turns and we toured the airport, then found our way south. By the time we got out of the city we were both soaked in sweat. Heading south on 200 it was pretty uneventful and pretty straight road. The map showed it being close to the ocean but we rarely caught a glimpse of the ocean jus jungle, trucks, and busses. Not much to tell you about other than when we approached San Marcos.





P1000486It  seems the way some people protest something here is to blockade the road and stop everyone and everything from moving through. Well they were doing just that in San Marcos. We stopped at the back of a line having no idea what was going on. Then this cab driver in front of us sticks his head out the window and just starts spewing a whole bunch of spanish at us. We have know idea what he is saying and Dan say’s “TIMMY FELL IN THE WELL?” the guy goes “SI” and waves his hand like go around… Well THAT we understood. So we get into the oncoming lane and slowly cruise by everyone till we get to another backup of buses and trucks still going the same direction. Now in the oncoming lane. This is a two lane road with no shoulders and cars,trucks,buses you name it all backed up for miles…. We SLOWLY work our way between the rigs using any gap possible, middle, shoulders you name. Then when we ran out of gaps we went into the ditch and started moving forward in and out of the ditch. Some of the drivers were sleeping. Thats how long this had been going on.

P1000485 It seems nobody cared that we were getting ahead of everyone. In the US I’m sure we would have been verbally assualted or worse. We were riding in the ditch and came accross an Army dude with a machine gun. The road shoulder was about 6 feet up to the road so we were commited. Well he just stepped aside and we rode right past him.






P1000484After what seemed like 30 minutes of this we reached the protest. There was about 100 people yelling and screaming at each other. The blocking trucks were all of the same colors and paint scheme – aparently some transportation organization. We decided to chill and not piss anyone off and it was fun watching the crowd. We only sat there for about two minutes and they seem to come to an ageement. shortly there after they moved  the cars and we thought SWEET! We’re through! Only to find the cars,trucks,busses all backed up in BOTH lanes coming the other way…. Well we worked our magic in the ditch,gaps,shoulders and bingo we were through. VIVA MOTORCICLETA!!! (MOH-TOH-SEE-KLEH-TAH)



After that the road was wide open and we looked for a Hotel as it was getting late. We found a nice place for 21 bucks. It was clean and they had a resturant. We had couple of nice cold beers. Then ordered the 4 dollar steaks. When the steaks came it was apparent they had been cut using a dull popsicle stick from a cow that must have been standing in the mexican sun with fecal matter spattered on its hind quarters. Then they were cooked using a desiel powered blow tourch to a point just short of being able to make a jacket out of them. We ate em and went to bed hoping….

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