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Hey All

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Thanks for checking out our site!

Thanks to Dan for getting this thing up and running. Keep checking back folks as we'll be adding things all the time. We will have a SPOT device, It will allow you to follow along on our trip with a track overlay on Googe Earth. We also have onboard camera's for video and still shots. We will be uploading them during the trip for you to enjoy.

Work continues on the bikes and we are getting close to calling them "ready" I will be uploading some pictures soon.

We were changing the fork springs in Dans V-strom and we found out the forks were bent... They are over at Les Barkers shop and hopefully he'll get them true again. At the moment he'll have to wheelie all the way to South America.


It It seems the list of crap to do just gets longer instead of shorter..With only a month left till we leave, I don't mind telling you I am a little stessed out at the moment.

I like to send out a BIG thank you to Matt, Sam and Kim at Cycle Gear in Portland  As well as Brain at Cycle Gear in Vancouver. They helped us get alot of the kit we're using. THANKS!!! If you need some kit... Cycle gear is the best. 

30 Days to Feet up and in the wind!!!

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Wow only 30 days.

 I got all my Meds and shots today. $200 bucks later and I've got half a dozen strange juices flowing in my veins....but I'm a germ killin' machine.

The bikes are coming along. Last night I painted all the storage tubes we made. After getting light headed I relized the door I opened to vent off the paint was blowing all the paint dust INTO the garage. Covering all the bikes and stuff in a fine black dust. I was in a nice mood though...

 I worked on mine tonight alittle and its pretty much done!!! We're waiting on the forks for Dan's rig and then we'll finish his up.

We'll be taking the weekend off as Dan is having his 50th Birthday this weekend. Big party!! So the next updates will be next week. I promise to give more pictures and info on the bike mods we made so look for them next week. See ya.





Bike prep continues.

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 I thought I would share a few of the bike mods we've made.

We started with a couple of 2004 Suzuki 650 V-Stroms. Both were used and pretty much in stock trim. Because both Dan and I have done plenty of touring by way of motorcycle. We already had a good idea of the kit we needed to add to the bikes for both convenience and protection.

For the Controls, we added heated grips and hand guards. The hand gards were a bit tricky in that they weren't really made for the V-Strom. We of course made them fit. We cut a slot in the bar wieght on the end of the handle bar. That moved the whole thing in about a 1/2 inch and that seem to make them fit alot better. The bar ends do two things. 1st of all they protect the brake/clutch levers in the event of a tip over or crash. 2nd they offer a little wind protection for your hands if it gets really cold. Hopefully we will not need them on either account. Bar Ends.JPG


The following picture is the new accessory fuse panel we added. Most bikes don't come with any place to plug in chargers or anything like that. So we wired a 2nd fuse panel to power our stuff. We hooked up a relay so the entire fuse panel will shut off with the main ignition key. Pretty much so John with his 2 second memory will not leave stuff on and drain his battery! We have 5 circuts, one goes to the heated hand grips, one for our electric vests, one to the Zumo GPS, one to the Givi tail bag for charging the laptop and one to the tank bag for charging cameras, Ipod's, phone, batteries and stuff.IMG_1604.JPG

V-Stroms don't come with any bags or storage of any kind really.

We started by adding Jesse Aluminuim side cases and then went with GIVI plastic molded top case.


  We decided we needed more storage and also want everything to be out of sight and reach. Things will go missing very quickly if they are in plain view. So we added two big PVC storage tubes. This is the same stuff used in your home to carry away your waste.. The plastic is easy to work with and pretty affordable. We made one 4 inch round tube for the right side. and one 6 incher for the left side. Bought some little cam locks for the lids and bingo!  We have a place to put more stuff!.

We call it ToiletTech' "it carries your crap" IMG_1610.JPG




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Riders Logo.jpg

Thats right we have joined up with Riders for Health chairty!

We are super pumped to help raise money for such a great cause!

If your not familiar with them, Riders for Health  was founded by Randy Mamola , Ex Grand Prix motorcycle racer.  Riders for Heath provide medical services to remote village's in Africa, And they do it by motorcycle!! So check out thier website and you'll see they do great things.

To contribute click here

The First Giving site is approved by Riders for Heath.

All money raised goes to Riders for Health.


John got a call from Les Baker today – my forks are toast and can’t be straightened. Bummer. Spent some time this afternoon calling the bike shops around Seattle – looks like about $230 for each tube and 7 to 10 working days to get here. That’s a chunk of change and a delay we didn’t need.

Did a little research online as well – hard to find used forks from salvage yards because they are usually the first (or second) thing to get hammered when a bike gets in a wreck.

So… we’re on the hunt for some fork tubes and hopefully we’ll source some in time to maintain our schedule.

Had to cancel a trip down to Johns this weekend due to the weather. We’ve got a ton of snow here in Seattle along with frosty cold and some wind. Tough sledding out there and most of the people on the roads shouldn’t be and they don’t know it.