Sometime in 2015 or...

You've found it! - This is a domain name I use for email and not much else. So there are no blogs here, no ads, no updates, and well, just a picture or two.

Check out the links and info below - you'll be able to contact me if you like from there.

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NuEra Heat - Waste Oil Heating equipment for commercial and industrial applications. My brother and I own and operate this company - it is the distributor for EnergyLogic waste oil furnaces and boilers for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. - a blog about a trip my brother and I took riding our motorcycles over 17,000 miles from Seattle to the southernmost city in the world. - Drive an Ice Cream Van across the Sahara Desert? - My brother and I did it in 2007 - an amazing journey. - My lender page on Kiva - they are microloan organization helping people in hundreds of countries around the world - check them out and make a loan to someone who needs it!